Wednesday, 11 October 2006

filling boats with junk

Last night I went over to Maggie on the way home from work to get all our personal stuff off the boat, firstly to make it easier for the surveyor, and secondly so that she is ready to be taken away by the new buyers.... I was gobsmacked at how much stuff we'd built up onboard..... it took me nearly 4 hours to offload all our personal belongings, and numerous trips between the boat and the car with the trolley..... The car was stuffed to the gills, and I didn't get home until gone midnight.... Mind you... she now sits a inch higher on her waterline! I also dropped the key (our one and only key - something else i'd meant to deal with!) in an envelope and into the marina post box.... its not the most secure of postboxes, and so I phoned them nervously this morning to check that they'd received it... all OK... phew... So now, the survey... not sure what day its going to be yet....

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