Saturday, 24 June 2006


We've been using a little electric heater when on shore power, and have a little portable gas heater for when we are away from shore power.... I've never been very comfortable with either of these, and have had my eye open for a diesel Eberspacher heater.... Well just got a D2 Airtronic for a sensible price, so thats one more thing to fit! I have been merrily working my way around eBay collecting the ancilliary bits that I need such as skin fitting, mounting plate, air ducting and face plates... some of which I can't buy yet until I have decided where to locate the heater, and where to run the ducting.... Still, at least we now have the promise of warmer evenings at anchor.... I've also bought one of the 7 day timers, so that we can set it to switch on early in the morning, so that we wake up to a nice warm boat!

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