Monday, 31 October 2005


Nipped down to Maggie this weekend to check that she was OK.... all fine.... Have the advantage of a very nice couple living aboard just 3 boats up, who keep an eye on everything for us.... Now.... we've been umming and arring for a while about what to do with a new boat, and have come to a decision.... we are going to stick with Maggie for 2 more seasons, and use it as a chance to save a bigger deposit..... we decided that we would probably be stretching ourselves a bit too much financially.... so thats the plan (unless circumstances change!) Given that... I went out on Saturday, and collected a radar that I have bought on ebay... so we are now even more battery dependent! a Raytheon 20XX with a 4Kw raydome and MARPA.... looks really good... only concern is that the Raydome is HUGE.... looking at Maggie, i'll need to mount it above the babystay, as its too big to go below it, unless I mount it very low.... also means it'll have to go up a further 2 feet to clear the pole uphaul... that dictates that it'll be about 5 foot above the spreaders.... not sure about mounting it that high....need to have a think about it.... I guess the ideal solution would be a pole off the stern, but I can't believe how expensive they are! We've also been thinking about going back to our original plans to relocate winches, and its agreed... also need to recover the cushions over the winter, make the cushions for the newly fitted forepeak berths, add single line reefing, clutches for all the control lines and jammers for the traveller, fiddle the bookshelves, and a long long list of other things....

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