Sunday, 4 September 2005

No sailing!

Yet again, for the third time this season, I've had to miss a weekends sailing (guess thats not too bad really!).... We got given tickets to take the kids to the zoo yesterday, and then to a open-air McFly concert, with the kids going backstage beforehand to meet the band in person (only 10 kids went, and they had 40 minutes with the band!)...geat pictures for the family album.... and would have been mean to say no!.... With a bit of teeth gritting, I have to admit that they really were quite good.... nice to see a 'manufactured' band that can actually play their especially good rendition of 'pinball wizard'...that got all the mums and dads going! SWMBO has taken the kids to see her parents for a hour or so, and I am sitting here, with easy listening on the stereo, relaxing pretty effectively, looking out of the patio doors, seeing a beautiful hot day with a lovely breeze, and feeling very sorry for myself.....! Still sailing again next weekend....

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